My name is Katie Herman and I’m a freelance photographer based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Born into a family with a background in the entertainment and performance industry, I had an early exposure to production and performing arts. I spent a lot of my time at concerts in the pit, capturing action shots and learning to preserve unique moments. I have an acquired eye for performing arts, and I have a talent for getting the best moments happening amidst the chaos.

I used to struggle with confidence, identity, and self-esteem. Photography feels like a way for me to help combat that and see the beauty of everything through my lens. I understand how important pictures are, as they are the only way we can relive a moment and see ourselves actively living our lives.

Capturing the energy of a person or a moment is an art that I take pride in. If you’re someone who says “I’m just too awkward” or “I’m just not photogenic”, then let me prove you wrong, because you just haven’t worked with me yet.

Memories are the most precious thing we can preserve. When you book with me, I’ll ensure that your moments are captured in their entirety.

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